giovedì 14 marzo 2013

Time for English courses? Pronounciation of Schioppettino

Ho dedicato un po' del mio tempo alla stesura di un articolo in inglese dedicato al mio vino preferito....lo Schioppettino, quello di Prepotto of course!

If you are not Italian and don't understand any word of what I'm writing down here, this is my private advertising moment: read my contribution on Schioppettino grape appeared in the web site and cheers!!!

Here is a short:
Focus your attention for a while on small producers and unknown wines. Friuli offers a wide selection of native grape varieties. Whites are more popular (think to Ribolla Gialla and also Friulano). But reds, instead, are virtually unknown. With the exception of Refosco, maybe the most common, other indigenous vines are extremely rare and very few producers plant them. I'm talking about wines like TAZZELENGHE, PIGNOLO or…SCHIOPPETTINO (and its top crù SCHIOPPETTINO DI PREPOTTO). 

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